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„We want fair pay! We have been taking pay cuts since 2019!“

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Protest action at the International School Hamburg (ISH)
Protest action at the International School Hamburg (ISH)

Salaries at the International School Hamburg have not been raised since 2019. In November 2021, the Board of Directors of the International School Hamburg announced that there will be no salary increases in 2022 and 2023 either. This decision deeply outrages employees and causes considerable unrest at the ISH.

In this context, a large number of teachers at ISH have joined the GEW and asked their union for support.

It is no longer enough for our members at ISH to have their compensation conditions regulated by a company agreement. They expect, especially in view of the enormously rising cost of living, an adjustment of salaries and a collective agreement that regulates the relevant issues.

The GEW members of ISH therefore unanimously recommended to the GEW in a vote on 17.5.2022 to ask the International School Hamburg to enter into collective bargaining.

However, in a first discussion in June, the former school management made it unmistakably clear that they saw no need to negotiate with the GEW.

Our announcement that there would be a hot autumn is now being followed by action. With today's protest action, the GEW members of ISH have shown that they are serious.

With today's protest action in front of the school gate, they support the GEW's demand to start collective bargaining. The school board will decide on this in an extraordinary meeting on October 13. With their active participation today, the colleagues of the International School provide good arguments to meet this demand.

Foto: Dirk Mescher