GEW Members at International Schools: 3.5.2024 to 5.5.2024

Freitag, 3. Mai 2024 - 18:00 bis Sonntag, 5. Mai 2024 - 14:00
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National Training Weekend for GEW members on Works Councils and other active members at schools

An event for GEW members at international schools, seminar language is English without German translation.

Eine Veranstaltung für GEW Mitglieder an Internationalen Schulen, Seminarsprache ist Englisch ohne deutsche Übersetzung.

Information and exchange on important GEW topics such as German Industrial Law and Codetermination (Mitbestimmung), job security, managing tensions in the relationship with management, contracts and/or agreements around pay and conditions, and much more are the focus of these two days.

In addition, the role of the GEW within Works Councils and its tasks should be examined (where does the GEW stand, what is its position?).

We would also like to exchange experiences and promote mutual networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

Friday, 3.5.24, 6 pm – Sunday, 5.5.2024, 2 pm

Seminar location: Zimmerweg 12, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Free for GEW-members
Only for GEW-members!

Accomommodation is in single rooms in the Hotel Europa Frankfurt GmbH, Baseler Straße 17, 60329 Frankfurt am Main        


For support in getting paid leave if necessary to attend this meeting contact the national union.

Training for Works Council members is a legal right in Germany.
Train fares / car costs* / food / accommodation / childcare will all be covered.

* 30 cents per km for the first 100 km, 15 cents thereafter

If you are unable to pay the train fare up front let us know - a booking via the GEW account at Lanes
and Planes is possible. For Information about GEW support for ‘Sorgearbeit’ (Childcare / looking after
relatives with care needs) at the meeting or at your home and disability access contact Nick Strauss on


Free for GEW-members

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